• We specialize in short-run custom labels for business and industry.
  • Our labels are exterior durable.
  • We use a thermal transfer process that fuses colour directly to the label.  This process is more durable than ink jet printing and will not come off with solvents.
  • We have a range of label stock available | Removable | Tamper-evident | Permanent | Laminated | Impact Resistant | Chemical Resistant.
Please contact us to discuss your project.


We have expertise in specialty stencils for the nuclear power sector. 

For example, we designed and supplied stencil kits for the storage containers used on the Ontario Power Generation Darlington Refurbishment project.

The technical markings on these containers had to be done in a special ink, so a stencil kit was the perfect solution.  The markings are a key element to safely loading, moving and storing these units.  

Our stencils allow the markings to be positioned easily, consistently and accurately.  

If you are working with highly technical specifications, we may have a stencil or label solution for you.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

You can see our work from time stamp 3:51 onward in the video: Darlington Refurbishment - Safely Managing Used Reactor Components below ...